Is the web and the internet the same?

Ever wonder why is been consider that internet and the web are the same thing just because these use technology? In the class we learned the difference between these two; The internet uses a massive network of networks while the web is a way of accessing information over the medium of the internet. It is built on top of the internet. we have the “Nodos”; that are computer or any technology that’s connected to the internet.

Any technology connected to the internet can make a small red. These begin from the smallest to the biggest device, lets imagen a violet cable connected to the computer, that is connected to a “red” and from that is connected another one… crazy but,curious…

lets put it this way; the server is the computer who sends documents of information through other computers, this happens very quick.

An a great example; the smallest would be the computer from the house to the biggest that would be and advance “NASA” super computer.

We also talked of how much information we give away about ourselves as we browse the Web has been raised again by a tracking device used in thousands of Web sites. in other words,once you enter the internet you don’t have anything private, THERES NO PRIVACY! Why? simple,every device has an IP number, this is the way they can track any device.

So takes us to the conclusion, of what is this amazing way of getting closer and knowing more of the amazing world of the technology.

Lissette Santiago

Christopher Diaz

Basis of the web

We always had the perspective that internet is just social media and google. As a 90s almost millennial generation, living in a time where technology is been having a continued growth. The web is worldwide, this means in were connected with people that can be from; United States, Europe and more.

Also many people think that the Web is the same as the Internet, and use these terms interchangeably. However, the term Internet actually refers to the global network. So, although the Web does make up a large portion of the Internet, but they are not one and same.

For a student of journalism knowing more of the topic for a future is great because it can be used as an equipment for my career. The web is an way to find all the information I need in a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, if it the web didnt exist in my life, i wouldnt be completly lost, but it would only be more dificult to find the information, contact people from other countries and more.