To start this post here’s a list the homeworks with the links:

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Homework 6

Homework 7

Homework 8

Final Proyect

This course we learned about the Web and the internet, the difference and how it works. We learned tricks along the way to facilitate the use of the Web. What interested me the most was how the professor taught us precautionary measures against theft identity and false pages. Another thing that I liked about the class was to learn and solve programming in the class although it was not long until we talked about it and I would love to know more about programming. The ease of being able to inform us of anything at the exact moment of the search is impressive. We learned that Web pages we can find specific information, and they provide us with the date in which the writing was published.I consider that the class should stay like that or add more things about learning based things that can help students know more of tecnology.

from this course two things actually caught my attention for what i want to study in the future; one of them was this blog, its been very helpfull to have an idea of how journalist keep the public in touch. another one that caught my attencion was the programation with codes. i felt like i was in a movie making codes tat was really cool but also a little diffiult.

I got 50 visitors on my page witch i feel very proud because it means im putting good content in my blog


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