Feedly offers a simple way to have information feeds in one place. this allows the internet content into one convenient place, by making it possible for you to quickly scan headlines and full stories at a glance from a variety of different providers. You don’t have to keep checking back to any particular site to see if it’s been updated; all you need to do is follow an information source and then read the updates from those sites as they’re delivered to your feed reader.

Personal interest:

Beauty and healthy life: Beauty blog, makeup, creams, opinion on cosmetics, nutrition, healthy life and wellness

A trendy life: Blog Of lifestyle, travels, beauty and more.

Con b de belleza: media focused on young women. We inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view.

Stylelovely: Website that share diffirent bloggers that ave to do with the beauty comunnity,style, health and lifestyle.

Nosotras: A website from new, the main base of this to educet women from beauty to sexual lifestyle.

Trendencia: Its a website that shows the lateds trens on style, news, topics and music.

Profesional Interest:

Diario Medico: Its a news page only of wellnes and lifestyle, politics, economy worlwide ect.

Ejercicios en casa:  website of diets to lose weight and gain muscle mass , training routines information.

power explosive: effectie and always based on scientific evidence information about training, nutrition, improve your physical,improve performance an avoid injury

20 minutos: Blogs, collaboration and editorial management based on scientific EVIDENCE information about nutrition, and heallth

Salud, nutricion y bienestar:t Editorial management web based of nutrition information.

salud180: This web will resonate with anyone looking for friend-to-friend advice from someone who’s built a career around motivating people.


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